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GET Payroll Solutions offers counsel for your business with years of first-hand experience. Let’s build a relationship you can count on.



GET Payroll Solutions saves businesses time and money while navigating the complexities of payroll, tax regulation, and even human resources. We bring years of expertise, ambition, and problem-solving to every client and help them get it right the first time.



We provide payroll processing for a fraction of the costs and without the burdensome time commitment. We offer consulting for companies needing more efficient and effective solutions. Finally, we teach, presenting valuable information to businesses to plan and execute their own solutions independently.



When you need a compass, someone to look to for security and guidance, trust GET Payroll Solutions. We’ll be there to help chart your company’s course to success.

What are you waiting for? GET Payroll Solutions.

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Leah Murphy, PCP
Owner / Operator

I started my payroll career about 15 years ago in the not-for-profit sector.  This great learning experience provided me the opportunity to solve many issues and working for an organization that supports people with mental health issues, addictions and barriers to employment and gave me experience in so many areas. Since then I’ve worked in the transportation industry, the oil and gas industry and in education.


Seeing the economic downturn in Newfoundland, I saw the need for a local and independent payroll service company. This small business would provide companies in this struggling economy with consulting services and payroll processing for a fraction of the price of hiring a full-time certified payroll professional. This was the beginning of my consulting business, GET Payroll Solutions. 


GET Payroll Solutions offers all the benefits of a full-time, fully certified payroll professional at a fraction of the cost of hiring one. There are many processing companies across Canada who can provide software and data entry.  My company is local and offers a complete range of payroll administration from onboarding to termination and everything in between. With my vast experience in payroll I can offer the solution to any payroll challenges you have. I also provide a variety of payroll, compensation and benefits consulting and I offer information sessions to help companies navigate the complexities of payroll compliance.


When you need to navigate the financial demands of business, GET Payroll Solutions is here to help. Based in St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador, we are your fully-certified, locally-owned and operated payroll solutions provider. Whatever your payroll needs, we have the solution.


Want to offer an information session for your organization? Get in touch with GET Payroll Solutions to schedule today.

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